[FLOW CHART] Find the Exact Real Estate Tool You Need

Technology sure is great. 

No matter what problem we're faced with in our day-to-day routine, there's an app to solve it. (Even problems we didn't know existed!)

However, this plethora of options brings with it a whole new set of problems. Such as: 

  • Which tool do I use?
  • What's the difference between Option A and Option B?
  • And, will either of these even solve my specific problem?

When I'm faced with this situation, I have little choice but to pick blindly, not pick one at all, or have my brain explode from overuse. 

None of those are ideal. 

We here at RESAAS don't like unsolved problems (or exploding brains), which is why we've designed a super easy-to-use flow chart to help you discover the exact real estate tool you need. 

Heads up: all of these tools can be purchased for an exclusive discount price through the RESAAS Marketplace - (so long as you've signed up for an account with RESAAS first!)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)


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