[INFOGRAPHIC] A Big Breakdown of the U.S. Real Estate Industry

  • Did you know that 38% of Realtors are aged 60 or older? (That's over 1/3rd of all Realtors...but thankfully you have a recruitment program already in place!)


  • Did you know that Omaha and Arlington are two of the top 10 seller's markets in the entire nation? (I sure hope you have a referral network established there!)

  • What about the fact that 42% of buyers used a mobile or tablet search engine at some point during the home search process? (Good thing you're website is already optimized for mobile!)

Sometimes when we examine the U.S. real estate industry, we tend to remain focused on the big picture and forget about all of the parts that make up the whole. But this is a mistake, because as a professional real estate agent you need to be aware of the intricate details. You're the mechanic of your local market. (A good one, too! Not one of those guys who change the oil, rotate the tires and charge double for moving it from one parking spot to another...right?)

One look and you know what's wrong, exactly what's wrong. 

This way you can tell us normal folks!

Well luckily for you, our very own Brianna MacNeil set out to lay down all the critical stats and facts about the American real estate industry. She bought a big ol' chalkboard, got to work, and voila!

(Scroll down to view full infographic.)

A Big Breakdown of the U.S. Real Estate Industry:

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