[INFOGRAPHIC] Content Marketing Tips for Realtors

A couple weeks ago we sat down with Kelly Mitchell, founder of Agent Caffeine, which is the real estate industry’s top webcast and podcast for innovation and technology. She draws from 25+ years of strategic marketing, business development and digital marketing expertise. 

Needless to say, you don’t want to miss her webinar on how to get into the minds of buyers and sellers with content!
In addition to the webinar, we created an infographic to highlight some of the key points that were discussed.  For example, customers nowadays are more informed than ever before. They will do their research before purchasing and if they have a bad experience they are not too shy to share it on social media. 


The positive side is that you can be there to quickly answer when someone has a question, compliments or complains about your company. We now have the technology and resources to connect with consumers on a more authentic level.

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