Top-of-mind marketing. 

It's a topic mentioned constantly by marketers. Among real estate agents, however, it's not so well known. This is precisely why we're covering it today.

In addition to the traditional forms of marketing - such as paid advertisements and direct mail - email campaigns can be an incredibly effective method of remaining top-of-mind with your clients on a monthly or even weekly basis.



Want your client’s feedback on a certain listing?

 Want to learn more about their needs? 

Use shareCRM to send out data-retrieving emails at the touch of a button. Then track your success with our campaign dashboard, which allows you to view your all of your clients’ responses over time. 

Step One: Find engaging content 

So there you are, scrolling through the RESAAS news feed and suddenly you find a photo that you want to share with your clients! 

You're in luck. 

Simply click the red "shareCRM" button in the upper right-hand corner of the photo. (See below.)

Step Two: Draft your campaign

So after finding a photo and clicking the shareCRM button, you now get to draft your email campaign. 

The form is short and sweet. Include your client's email addresses, a brief message, a question and two responses. 

It's that easy! 

(We also created a simple guide to help you through these steps, so no worries if you get lost.)

Step Three: Review your campaign

Once you add the necessary info into your campaign, all you have to do is review it before sending.

Need to make changes? No problem. 

You can always go back and edit your campaign prior to sending it. 

Step Four: Campaign sent

After sending your campaign successfully, you should see this message: 

Step Five: Track your responses 

shareCRM allows you to track your campaign responses over time. 

To access this, visit the main Dashboard on RESAAS and click "shareCRM". 

From here, you'll be able to see your past campaigns, how many of your clients have opened the emails, and finally, which of your clients have responded to your questions. 

Each and every tool that's bundled up in the RESSAAS Premium package is built to improve your business. 

With shareCRM, you can you discover more about your clients, and then use this information to provide them with relevant content. 

Plain and simple.