Real Estate Marketing Niches for Realtors

Realtors around the market cover a wide range of properties, but being a jack of all trades doesn’t really help all that much in the long run as focusing on a certain niche on the market. You can try to be an expert on various phases of real estate, but you will rarely be a master of all. Recognizing successful niches around the market based on your geographical area, type of property and consumer categories is an excellent way of finding lucrative strategies to approach your local and national market. The following tips will point out ways you can do that with success:

FSBO (For Sale By Owner properties)

You should never discount this possibility as something that is simply not worth your time whenever you see it. This type of seller will often realize they don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience on the market, so they will need the help of a professional real estate specialist. You will need to help such sellers organize a marketing plan so they will succeed, thus getting you the business you need to keep operating on the market.

Vacation homes

If you happen to be lucky to be situated in an area that has vacationing appeal and such properties, then this means you will have your work cut out for you. With most of your prospects coming from the outside of your target area, you would need a good and solid marketing strategy if you want to cut down on your competition. Providing some useful information to your buyers outside the area of operations will get you more business you can count on, which means you will have a chance to make use of them as sellers at some point. House extensions, loft conversions, wallpapering, tiling, new brick work and other aspects of vacation homes that have been improved will be an excellent addition to your potential properties.


There are millions and millions of people that are single, which is a group that wants homes and they are also quite prolific in their searching. There are wonderful opportunities in this particular social group, so you would do well to focus your marketing efforts on them as well as the couples often associated with a desire for new homes.

Seniors and baby boomers

Different homes require different considerations, so you will need to deal with special housing requirements for this particular group. Determine the needs they may have and develop some marketing strategies and services especially tailored for them. You would do well to position your knowledge in such a way as to serve the needs of this specific age group if you want more flexibility.

Luxury homes

This is one particular niche that requires specific skills and quite a bit of money, but you would also have pretty high commissions in this type of market. The high prices also mean a higher transaction commission, but also there are trade-offs you will need to deal with. Luxury homes will mean special marketing venues with larger investments from the listing brokerage, but it can still be an excellent niche to do business if you know what you’re doing. Builders would have gone through extensive work on such properties, allowing the building team to add significantly more value to the end product you will sell. Make use of that and count on the professional work done by the expert builders, using it to your advantage on the market. For more painting and plumbing ideas: check this website

Heather Roberts is a blogger from the United Kingdom. As a former Realtor, she has a good house buying/selling experience. She currently writes on behalf of building companies.


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