9 Tips to Get in the Habit of Success

One of my closest friends is ranked among the best insurance salesman in history. His awards and sales plaques cover all four walls of his office. In fact, for many years his personal sales exceeded that of many insurance companies. After his retirement, he said the following about his success: 

“During my first few years many would have considered me a failure. There were times that I agreed with them. But I made myself a promise that I would never give up! I always learned something from my failures. After I learned what I did wrong, I would figure out how I could turn that mistake into a positive lesson. Then I would create positive habits from my mistakes. I created a library of habits that would help make me become more successful. This library of habits became quite large. After several years of doing this, I became convinced that success is a habit! By that, I mean that success is a series of habits that you do everyday, no exceptions! Without that dedication and commitment, I would have been an average salesman, at best.”

Success is a Habit

Have you ever noticed that successful people always find ways to become more successful, while others never seem to move ahead?

This is a pattern that is evident everywhere you look. Proper fundamentals are necessary to developing good habits. Then we must repeat an act in the proper way in order to form habits that are fundamentally sound. That is called repetition, and repetition is the key to success. Create good solid habits, then repeat them over and over until they become so natural they're second nature. This is the discipline that is such an integral part of deserving victory. This is the only way to sustain a high level of excellence.

Sustain a High Level of Excellence

How do we achieve that? By developing positive habits and practicing them constantly!

Let’s look at some habits that can help to make you become the best Realtor you can be:

  1. Start each day with a clear desk, a clear office, and a clear mind. (In other words, get rid of the clutter and distractions and replace them with clear objectives).
  2. Make twenty phone calls everyday.
  3. Set five appointments everyday.
  4. Never let a prospect go without asking for a purchase decision.
  5. Read and study one sales book each month.
  6. Create reflex responses to the 10 most common objections.
  7. Create a daily “to do” list and stick to it!
  8. Shop your competition.
  9. Never give up!

The above are the basics of successful selling. Do them to the highest level of excellence and you will achieve your goals!

Dennis Miller is a professional real estate agent based in Greensboro, North Carolina, and has over 20 years of management-level experience within the real estate industry. Check out his RESAAS profile ›


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